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    Material and Size of Acoustic Fast Door and Window of Harbin Express Door



    Hard fast doors are made of broken bridge aluminium and can be sprayed in various colors. They can be used in factories, underground garages, shops and any architectural style.


    At the same time, in order to adapt to the height and structure of factory buildings in different places, rigid fast doors can be designed into a variety of lifting modes.


    On the door panels, windows can be opened, which can enhance the daylighting, but also to give beauty points, it can be said to kill two birds with one stone.





    Material and Size of Acoustic Fast Door and Window of Harbin Express Door


    Hard fast doors and windows are to help users play the role of lighting, not only beautiful style, but also has a certain thermal insulation effect, anti-corrosion, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, cold resistance.


    It is also because of its unique material advantages, and even many users choose to make transparent fast doors, this situation is generally in shops, the market is more common, through the window, we can see that the shop is full of beautiful goods.





    Even if it is not in business hours, it will not stop the display and promotion of products in your shop, let alone worry about theft, because although it is a full lighting design, the safety factor is still very high.


    Polycarbonate. PC is a macromolecule polymer containing carbonate group in molecular chain. According to the structure of ester group, PC can be divided into aliphatic, aromatic, aliphatic-aromatic and other types. The application of aliphatic and aliphatic-aromatic polycarbonates in engineering plastics is limited because of their low mechanical properties.


    Only aromatic polycarbonate has been industrialized. Because of the special structure of polycarbonate.


    Door board material: Door board is made of double-layer galvanized coloured steel plate with thick thickness and filled with high density polyurethane foaming material. It has the advantages of heat insulation, sound insulation and heat preservation. It is practical for large warehouses and factory gates.


    Applicability: According to the design of building structure, the lifting door opens vertically upward, hangs flat on the inside of the wall above the door, and does not occupy any space in the room; gives full play to the advantages of vertical lifting, does not occupy both sides of the door, and maximizes the release of the space of the door;


    Appearance: Double-layer galvanized steel plate and polyurethane layer for sliding door of industrial door. Surface embossing design can make door panel durable, easy to clean, beautiful and generous, and enhance enterprise image.


    Noise isolation: low noise opening, galvanized pulley seat with adjustable ball bearings and wear-resistant rubber wheel to ensure the door quiet opening and closing.


    Air tightness: The top, bottom and both sides of the door plate are equipped with high-quality rubber seals, and reliable seals are also provided between the door plates to ensure that the sliding door body of the industrial door is not corroded and sealed around, with excellent air tightness.


    For the material requirements of "Haerbin Hard Fast Gate" windows, wear resistance, strong temperature adaptability, environmental protection and no special odor should be required.


    As a well-known express door manufacturer in Hebei Province, Longsheng Door Industry has unique ideas and rich experience in the design, manufacture and installation of hard fast doors. We look forward to cooperating with you.


    The company's after-sales service network coverage: Harbin, Qiqihar, Jixi, Hegang, Shuangyashan, Daqing, Yichun, Jiamusi, Qitai River, Mudanjiang, Heihe, Suihua, Daxing'anling, Bei'an, Wudalianchi, Anda, Zhaodong, Helen, Gagdage, Xinlin, Mohe, etc.
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